Atlanta born and raised I grew up in the newsrooms of WSB-TV and CNN behind my Emmy award-winning journalist father. Since 2005 I have been a reporter writing for local and national publications. When I graduated high school my homeless to journalist journey began.

I got my start reporting on arts and entertainment at the Atlanta Voice Newspaper. For three years I had no home so slept in the parking lot of the paper and took classes at Clayton State University. Journalism quickly became more than a passion for me, it was my way of survival.

Through the help of an amazing family, the Frazier’s, I was able to get back on my feet and never looked back. Until recently when I had to look back in order to heal from everything I went through all those years. More on that on the blog!

But in the meantime, I can only thank my struggle for the passion I have for everything that I do. In 2015 I left Atlanta behind and moved to North Carolina to be a web specialist. I saw a disparity of diverse coverage and reported on diverse events outside of my regular 9am-5pm. With that the cultural issues beat was made and with that I launched the Black Issues Forum where reporters and the black community came together to discuss media coverage.

While at that newspaper I developed a love of videography. I launched a live series on Facebook that highlighted local artists and filmed, edited short documentaries including Northside Now. At the beginning of 2018, I packed up and moved across the country to Phoenix, Arizona to work at the Arizona Republic, the largest newspaper in the state. I also serve as Parliamentarian of the Arizona Association of Black Journalists.

I love being outdoors, to me nothing is better than finding a great spot outside to write. With this blog I will take you on my adventures, my lessons learned, favorite movies, shows and tips on adulting.

I’m an expert at being solo, frugal and I’m a strong believer in self-love and culture. Buckle up and take notes as we go on this strenuous journey from living out of my car to to finding love, happiness and success.

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