Get you someone who inspires you to be your best self

I always joke, “I’m just a girl looking for some bridesmaids” I laugh but I have found them, and some.

In relationships and friendships surround yourself with people who want to see you at your best.

They encourage you to stay on a goal you’ve set, keep it real with you when no one else will and you can trust them with your life.

I’m lucky to have met some amazing people recently who do just that for me. We all have our faults, we talk about them, but always end in kindness.

I want to be my best self because they want to be their best self too.

I hadn’t had that before. Most people only hit you up when they need something from you. It’s nice to have that balance where you give and take equally, both mentally and emotionally.

They cheer when you have good news and of course, you cheer for them too. They might not always get mad when you’re mad, remember, they keep it real.

They listen and respond with substance, effortlessly.

This is why you keep your circle small because not everyone has your best interest at heart. At least not as much as the people in your circle.

The most important part of these relationships is that they’re built on balance. Once they become lopsided, one person taking more than they give, then they need to slide on out your circle anyway.

It’s balanced, it’s healthy, it gives you life, not just entertainment.

Sometimes I need just a little boost to make a scary jump. It’s 2020 and I’m trying not to be so hard on myself, it’s comforting to know others are hard on themselves too. We encourage each other to push past that self-doubt.

Because of them, I feel more like me. I want to make big jumps, take more chances, do what I really want to do. I know if I fall short they will help me get back up.

They are happy for me and genuinely want me to be happy.

I have met my equals.


One response to “Get you someone who inspires you to be your best self”

  1. The Significant Other in my life taught me, “Never let anyone treat you like 2nd best.”

    The proof that I learned it was when I walked away from our friendship when he became that person.


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