Emontwrites poetry: Never be mine

This is a poem I wrote long ago, but I’ve never had a place to put them besides my hard drive. These poems don’t depict my actual life, but I hope you enjoy!

I lay in bed thinking of you.
A moment stolen in my busy life.
Skin smooth and ivory
Eyes emerald green.
Untypical to my nature,
But that hardly matters.
Your mind is a work of art.
But you will never be mine.

The girl in me can’t find words to speak,
When you’re next to me.
The woman in me wants the world to know
All the passion I feel inside.
My heart races when I’m next to you,
When you look into my brown eyes.
Simply breathing has become an obstacle.
But you will never be mine.

I’m left to imagine everything,
That could have been.
If you could look beyond,
My skin.        
Your past won’t allow you to see
That everything you long for,
Is in me.
So you will never be mine.
See my beautiful soul that was created for you.
You love me.
But I don’t fit you the mold your father gave you.

One response to “Emontwrites poetry: Never be mine”

  1. hiphopdevlifegmailcom Avatar

    *Snaps* Good stuff


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