To the girl who loves: Self-love is the best love

You deserve to give yourself the love you’ve been trying to give to everyone else.

image3 (1).jpeg

You’re always there for everyone else, putting others needs in front of your own. You’ve got to stop that. You have to be your first priority.


Self-love isn’t selfish it’s survival, it’s necessary.


It’s not going to be easy, at all. For me it took seeing the worst in other people, people I cared about who weren’t meant to care about me. That goes for family too.


Don’t take it out on yourself though and don’t take it out on them.


You are worth more than what you’ve been given thus far. You are worth more than how people have treated you.


You can’t rely on people who are not meant to be in your life.


You. Got. You. You can rely on yourself.


Don’t be afraid to conquer the world on your own, or with a few friends along the way. Be selective with who you allow in your space.


So celebrate yourself, your wins, take that trip solo, go to that bar, take yourself to see a movie.


Do everything because it’s what you want to do, wait for no one.


The love and acceptance you’ve been ready to give to others, give it to yourself.


I can’t tell you what happens next, but when I find out I’ll post and update.

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