The life of an empath

According to the dictionary an empath is: “a person with the ability to sense the mental or emotional state of another individual.”

In Liz terms an empath is: someone who consistently puts themselves in the shoes of others and then attempts to sooth that pain as if it’s theirs. We absorb other people’s emotions.


It is also a drag and you find yourself getting emotionally attached to people and things you should have just left alone from the get go.

We take that “if you can’t handle me at my worst you don’t deserve me best” meme seriously! Always trying to aid someone through their worst.

The last few guys I have been significantly drawn to were guys who were going through hardships. From working in a landfill, between jobs, to losing their car, the empath in me thought it was my responsibility to be there for these guys. I put myself in their shoes. Went as far as to get the landfill guy a new job.

Making things happen I didn’t know I was capable of. But there was an important lesson I was missing.

As magical as I made things happened for them and was there front and center when they needed me, I should have worked that same magic on myself.

And let me not just throw the guys under the bus, I’ve bent over backwards just as much for my lady friends too…for free…with permanent reminders.

There’s a thin line between empath and stupid. I flipped all over that line, hung myself a couple times because even after all that being there, the only place it got me was broke and broken.

But here the catch…

You have to learn how to be a smart empath. Being an empath is special, not everyone deserve our empathy and our desire to make a difference.

Instead of feeling their pain, feel your own. Be an empath on yourself majority of the time. We will take so much time to help them, we will forget about ourselves and our own purpose.

Be aware of who you are within your free time, often times our empath senses can become distressed around people who constantly need. You don’t want to be around them…I mean who would??

What would be ideal are people who have their ish together. Please?

Knowing that you’re an empath can also help. Here’s a list of 10 ways you can tell.

So far living this empath “woke” life (awareness) has helped protect my peace.

Protect yours.

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