4 healing crystals for self love

Last year I got deep into meditation and being aware of the energy around me. My job at the time was stressful and I was around a lot of people, so finding time for myself was imperative.

After a busy day at work meditation provided me with the escape I needed to relax and clam my mind. I’d open all the windows of my apartment, burn incense or sage and turn on some music. (I was in North Carolina then. The atmosphere was totally different than the “valley of the sun” Phoenix where I am now.)

I immersed myself in nature, when I wanted to get away I’d go to the empty beach at dusk, fishing dock in the afternoon, or the wooded park near my house. Something about being outside gives me strength.

Crystal healing didn’t come into play until I found myself around a lot of negative people. Being an empath I’m always soaking up other people’s issues and putting myself in their shoes. So when everyone around me was negative I soaked up those vibes and felt negative too.

Crystals seemed to counter the negativity in my life at the time and provide something else for me to to focus on and receive energy from.

Each crystal has an energy and you have them to bring that energy into your life. Crystal energy helps you on your spiritual journey because it works to hold your intention and remind you of your connection to the Earth.

Keep the crystals near you: In your pocket, on your desk or night stand. Having it in your space it attracts the energy (or vibrations) it’s used for. You have to really open your mind and heart.

Here are the top 4 healing crystals I use to amplify self-love in my life:

image1 (5)Rhodochrosite (top): My absolute fave! This stone is hard to find on the East coast, but in Phoenix there is SO MUCH of it! It emanates unconditional love, inner peace, self-love, confidence and brings healing from a broken heart. If I’m wearing the ring, I’m usually feeling myself. It was the first stone I ever bought, it help change my perception of a lot of things at the time.

Black tourmaline (right): Tourmaline comes in different colors: blue, pink, green, brown. All forms of tourmaline offer protective qualities but the black also deflects negative energy. It is a hater blocker, and I usually keep one in my pocket.

Amethyst (bottom): Provides an emotionally balance atmosphere. It is a natural stress reliever that encourages inner strength and peace. I have it around when I meditate or have one near my bed to calm my thoughts. My mind is running.

Rose Quartz (left): Is probably the most popular out of these four. It restores trust and harmony in relationships with self and others, promotes love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. It’s an good stone for all things love.

(S/O to Fantasia Crystals in Phoenix, they have a huge selection of crystals, jewelry and candles. I bought these stones from there.)

These four crystals boost my confidence and help me stay grounded in self-love throughout the day.

Adding them to my space has helped me heal from negative situations, negative people, gain more clarity and focus. All the things I need to be my best self.

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